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Johnny was born and raised in Long Beach, California.  He knew early on that his life's passion was music. He began playing the drums and then the guitar at eight years old. W ith a passionate persistence, he began his lifelong pursuit of fulfilling the calling of his heart. Early on, it was evident to others that he had a special gift that came naturally to him.  
He had several failed attempts to find a good guitar teacher. One that could foster his potential and help him begin the journey of learning the guitar,and to play what his heart longed to learn. 
That's when Vel McKendall entered Johnny's life. Vel showed him how to play guitar with passion and how to really have fun playing and making music. After all,that's what music is all about, having FUN!
In junior high Johnny took that same fun approach learning to play tenor saxophone. In high school he played tri-toms in drumline for the marching band. 
With each passing year, Johnny's determination and commitment  to become a better musician and guitar player expanded.  He devoted his days to continually heightening his skill level while developing his own style and technique.
After graduating high school he attended college in Long Beach and became a certified recording, and production engineer, as well as a becoming certified sheet metal mechanic. Gaining and working in the sheet metal trade, afforded him a generous salary which enabled him to pursue his musical passion. Like playing in popular local bands, working in the music industry in LA. and Hollywood.

One fateful day, a friend asked Johnny if he would teach him some of his guitar tricks and techniques. That day, the teacher within him was born & he felt inspired & compelled to help others to more easily fulfill their own dreams of playing the guitar. 

He absolutely love's teaching & discovered that he has an innate ability to inspire & empower others. 
Dispelling the mystery of music and by sharing unique methods and techniques that help ignite the passion within each student he teaches. 


          About  Johnny

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